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Invitation from Rae Bridgman to the world of MiddleGate

The Magical World of MiddleGate

Educators have lots of choice when it comes to selecting a book to read to their class or suggesting a book for students to read. So why accept this INVITATION TO MIDDLEGATE?

nearly true and fantastic

Top ten reasons
to visit MiddleGate...

. Who can resist fantasy, adventure and mystery, all-in-one?

Two. So you thought the really great, classic fantasy books were only written and published in the U.S. or Britain. Think again! There's another whole world out there.

Three. You're in great company with one of Canada's up-and-coming, who's writing and illustrating fantasy books for kids.

Four. Explore the secret, hidden worlds of the animal kingdom. What do bees see? What's it like to be a fish? What if you were a snake?

Five. The books are a joy to read out loud, replete with rich, juicy language, tongue-twisters and word-plays.

Six. Quizzical Latin verses (with humorous translations!) are a magical hallmark of the MiddleGate Books. Fun to read out loud too.

Seven. Embark on a no-cost field trip to magical Prairie wilds.

Eight. Teachers sure are "real characters" in MiddleGate.

Nine. Not only are these great reads, but there's a bonus — great illustrations for thirsty imaginations.

Ten. Excellent teaching resources are available right here, right now!


Book I

Star medallion from the cover of The Serpent's Spell by Rae Bridgman

The Serpent's Spell

The Serpent's Spell Teachers' Guide

The Serpent's Spell Trivia Quiz


Book II

Bee symbol from the cover of Amber Ambrosia by Rae Bridgman

Amber Ambrosia


Amber Ambrosia Teachers' Guide


Book III

Fish and Sphinx hieroglyphics from the cover of Fish and Sphinx by Rae Bridgman

Fish and Sphinx




Fish and Sphinx poster (8.5" x 11" pdf)

Learn about mysterious Catfysh's "relatives" around the world, through this PowerPoint presentation

Winnipeg's Secret Code
Mysteries in the Manitoba Legislature
(interview with the historian Frank Albo, who has studied the mysteries of the Manitoba Legislative Building for many years)

Virtual Tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building
(walking tour brochure; self-guided tour inside)

Winnipeg's Parliament Building
Footage set to Mozart

A Day in the Life of the Legislative Assembly video

Manitoba, eh?! website
Magic and mystery in the Manitoba Legislative Building

Hermetic Code: Unlocking One of Manitoba's Greatest Secrets
Inspired by Frank Albo's work (from 15-part series published in the Winnipeg Free Press)

Historical Tour of the Manitoba Legislature
Showing the construction of the building



Book IV

Kingdom of Trolls




Interviews with the author
Print, online and TV interviews with Rae St. Clair Bridgman.

Live reading
Rae St. Clair Bridgman reads
during the launch of The Serpent's Spell
Right in the middle, after the scary part, someone whispers"Boo!"

Editing is important! - an anecdote
Listen to a small story about Rae St. Clair Bridgman's name and how important it is to proofread—even your very own name. Many other authors have also posted interesting stories about their names on the Teaching Books site. (Enter Rae Bridgman under Author SEARCH, or click here to listen directly to the mp3 file)

Latin in Children's Books

Latin is an ancient living language. When you begin to explore Latin, hidden meanings are revealed in the roots of many words, names and phrases. Latin sounds magical and reminds readers that the meaning of something can be hidden…but not if you know the secret of how to unlock words and their history.

Bookmarks and cards
Every book deserves a beautiful bookmark.
General Resources about the Snakes of Narcisse

Snakes of Narcisse, Manitoba

Other Snakes

The Canadian Wildlife Federation has created a poster about snakes for their Wild About poster series. It introduces Canada's 24 snakes, their behaviours and habitats. And it explains how snakes are a boon to gardeners and why they should be welcomed, not feared. (It also advises how to prepare for a snake encounter—"should you be so lucky!")



Cover of the French edition of The Serpent's Spell, by Rae Bridgman

Le sortilège du serpent
French edition of
The Serpent's Spell
ISBN: 9782895655268




Cover of a French teaching resource about the red-sided garter snakes of Narcisse, Manitoba
Les couleuvres rayées de
Narcisse, Manitoba:
Cahier Pédagogique