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fantasy mystery & adventure

Twinkling stars
Cover of The Serpent's Spell


Who is killing the snakes of Narcisse? In their quest to solve the mystery, Wil and Sophie discover that Wil's black medallion was once the property of an ancient, magical secret society — the formidable Serpent's Chain.



Twinkling starsCover of Amber Ambrosia by Rae Bridgman


The magical bees of MiddleGate are dying. No one knows why. Tawari, kamahi, manuka,pohutukawa — with those words, Sophie and Wil are cast into the secret world of the magical bees of MiddleGate.


Twinkling starsCover of Fish and Sphinx, a fantasy novel by Rae Bridgman


Secret signs, hidden worlds, cryptic messages and an ancient riddle — Wil and Sophie have a lot of work to do if they want to save MiddleGate's Palace of the Blazing Star! Poster

Twinkling starsCover of Kingdom of Trolls by Rae Bridgman


Sophie and Wil almost end up in troll soup when they are carried to the wilds of Iceland!