Rae Bridgman by the Kelly House

Rae St. Clair Bridgman in front of the Kelly House,
magical portal to the secret city of MiddleGate
(photo: Phil Hossack, Winnipeg Free Press)


cover of V is for Victoria Beach

Cover of V is for Victoria Beach - Colouring Book (by Rae Bridgman)

Inspired by the beloved and wonderful
cottage community of Victoria Beach, Manitoba

"What a wonderful little gem...Great unexpected plays on words and letters for little hands - I would have loved to have had a teeny book when I was a kid."

- from a librarian, Toronto Public Library


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nearly true and fantastic

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Canadian author and illustrator

fantasy books for kids
with a dash of mystery and
a pinch of adventure!

Cover of The Serpent's Spell, a fantasy novel by Rae Bridgman Cover of Amber Ambrosia, a fantasy novel by Rae Bridgman Cover of Fish & Sphinx, a fantasy novel by Rae Bridgman Cover of Kingdom of Trolls, by Rae Bridgman


FIRST IT WAS A SNAKE. The sacred snakes of Narcisse are being slaughtered by a magical secret society—the Serpent's Chain. Will a deadly duel of snapdragon win the day?

THEN A BEE. The Serpent's Chain hatches another dastardly plan—this time, to steal magical honey from the MiddleGate bees.

AND THEN A FISH. Wil and Sophie end up in cold water thanks to a mysterious woman named Catfysh. Fin by tail, they must save the Palace of the Blazing Star from the Serpent’s Chain.

...ON TO THE WILDS OF ICELAND, where Sophie and Wil almost end up in troll soup!

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